Monday, July 25, 2011

The North Umpqua Chronicles - July 16,2011

And so it has so it finally came to pass that the impossible huge volumes of water thundering down the North Umpqua River canyon have finally begun to slow and recede and dreaming of summer steelhead is no longer regarded as a mild form of insanity.
It is about now that I begin taking the fly rod upriver with me, not with some hope, but simply because hiking up and down the banks is darn good exercise.
Yeah, I do cast and let the fly swing and take joy in all of it when properly done and it also helps me keep the pool names and their location in order…Gawd Forbid I should forget that important info!
Today for some reason, as I approached Lower Archie I thought about glassing some pools for the first time this season.   I dug the binoculars from the pile of junk in the back seat and walked up to the edge and peered in. It was totally bare. After a few minutes of thoroughly glassing the bottom I saw a white glow coming into the pool from downriver. Then, majestically, the head of a huge bright steelhead began to come slowly and effortlessly into view until it filled most of the pool with its silver shimmering. It never really stopped and with very little effort it moved on upriver. I stood stunned while watching it and never made a move towards my fly rod until it was gone. I jumped into the car and raced up to Upper Archie in hopes of hooking it when it came through. Naturally, I never saw it again but someone surely will, it is a huge fish, over 40 inches.
Fish Bum.

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