Thursday, May 31, 2012

North Umpqua Chronicle - May 31, 2012

Spring has seemed long, dreary and cold this year. The water remained higher than normal, and fishing pretty much a losing enterprise.  I know I am way early but today the water was noticeably lower, and my fly seemed not so manicured, perhaps something a fish might find interesting.

When I waded in, the current was gentle, and with the two hand spey rod I felt like I had a chance. The thought of those legendary big springers that Frank has talked about from time to time were on my mind, maybe they still come in…maybe I can reach them on the far side of the river. I entered at the Upper Boat and in as far as I felt safe.  The water was so pleasant that I didn’t even mind it when a few steps deeper I got a cold chill in my crotch. There was no sign of the legendary run, but I didn’t mind.  I fished from Upper Boat all the way down to the Pantry without any sign of fish.  Becky accompanied me from a distance where she was deep into a novel on the bank.

Becky comes with me most of the time now because my eyes have become so poor that I cannot tie a new fly on if I lose one, a hell of a deal, but my eye doctor tells me cataract surgery will take care of it when the time is right.  Not a bad deal having the prettiest gal on the river changing your flies for you.
Pat Mc.

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