Monday, August 11, 2014

Heat stressed fish

Per an email to the Steamboaters from Alan Bunce:

As you know, when the river heats up the fish are forced to use the cold, oxygenated water of the tributaries as they make their way upstream. I have seen these fish in July & August lying on rock shelves with their backs out of the water to get oxygen. Unfortunately, some "fishermen" have discovered this and insist on catching/releasing them, which is often a death sentence. The fish I found didn't have visible marks indicating they had been caught and released.

I talked to Tim Walters of ODFW on Monday about the problem. We both feel that special regulations may be in order to remedy the problem. We talked about a bubble closure around creek mouths when the river reaches a certain temp.

If potentially heat stressed fish are observed, you are asked to call Tim Walters with the location - 541-440-3353.