Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hot weather and responsible steelhead fishing

The following is used with permission from Mark Stangeland, North Umpqua Fly Guide. The Steamboaters thought it was an important request. You can follow Mark at

 I appeal to you all to be responsible out there this year. If the water is too warm
in the afternoon don't fish. Carry a thermometer and use it. We may have to make some
hard decisions this year till we get some weather/rain etc. I won't fish if temps won't
allow it. I can't tell you what to do you must let your conscience be your guide.
> As a guide it may mean canceling some trips. I'm ok with that. It's gonna be hard
but it's the right thing to do.........
> And also this year, with potentially warmer conditions overall,how about trying to
tell your fishing stories without fish pictures. It can be done. Take some great scenery
pics of people you fish with and call it good.
If temps are anything over 65 I would caution against fishing. We can't tell people what to do but hopefully strong suggestions will help.
The next week could be critical.
Here are the temps out of Copeland creek that could be used as a guide to know kind off what's happening down lower in the river. When you see temps of high 50's up at Copeland you know it's not good at Baker Park in the afternoons......